Sailors escape

Enveloping darkness, velvety blue. A soft stirring ocean. A whisper of breeze. A scattering of dust like stars.
An escape.
A moment of freedom so pure and so liberating you feel your whole body relax. Breath deepens, eyelids flutter and aching muscles become heavy.
Peace at last for the world weary sailor.’
I created a painting inspired by these words and dedicated to my little brother In the spirit of honesty I have to admit, After several exhibitions in three different countries and numerous enquiries this piece remained unsold. A few months ago as I packed this piece up yet again unsold I noticed a post on Instagram from that brother, a brave advocate for male mental health he talks openly about his struggles with depression. He posted that he is suffering and I realised that this piece belongs with him. And it will never sell, because he needs it. So it’s off on its travels again, home to the uk to be where it belongs.
I hope it brings some hope @edd.lane

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