Latest news...

In the unprecedented year of 2020, its hard to imagine there is much good news. But, dear  reader, there’s always some light within the clouds. I was astonished by the huge amount of  support and interest my paintings received. While many galleries were forced to close and  exhibitions were cancelled, I’m delighted to have forged many new partnerships with galleries  across the world. So much to look forward to for the year ahead…. 

This strange time has also engendered more time for experimentation. While I remain devoted to  my cloud series, its been pure joy to experiment with some new work. My ‘Wild ocean’ series  born directly from the frustrations of lock down and my desire to let loose and explore the wild,  freedom of the ocean. 

And finally ‘Luna’ a very select and personal series of work I seem to only be able to create in  rhythm with the phases of the moon.

Lonely clouds...

Isolation is an emotive word. A reality which we have all been experiencing over the last few months. ‘Lonely clouds’, a series of just six paintings, exploring the nature of isolation and the beauty which can be found within. Launched here, June 1st, 2020, see available work page.

Hope Dawns

The impact of the covid 19 pandemic has had severe and unprecedented implications for many people. I am trying to use this period of time positively to begin a new series. ‘Hope Dawns’, Pieces created during this unique time in our history designed to celebrate the positivity and strength of humanity during a crisis

REDSEA Gallery - Singapore

I am so delighted to now be working with the beautiful @redseagallery in Singapore. I’ve wandered past and gazed through the windows of this amazing space more times than I can remember, a slight sigh as I imagine how proud I would be to see my work on its walls.
The perfect place to launch ‘Hope Dawns’.
Circumstances permitting I will exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore and Hong Kong represented by REDSEA. We will be working towards a very special solo show in the new year .