From Singapore to home…

2 years ago I arrived in Singapore. Unsure, fragile and a little overwhelmed. Here I was in this incredibly hot, bright, tropical and dramatic place, unlike anywhere I’d ever experienced.
2 years on as we begin the journey to leave Singapore I find myself contemplating our experience and creating this piece.
This painting is my tribute to the people of Singapore, the people who everyday for the last two years have seen me, a stranger, an interloper in their country and treated me like family. This is for every Aunty and Uncle who have reached out to tell me my daughter is beautiful, who has smiled at us in the street, helped us when we’ve been lost and laughed when we’ve got things wrong. This is for every free boiled sweet from a kindly taxi driver, every bit of advice, every time someone has reached out to touch my daughters blond hair, telling her, not only is she welcome here. She’s special. I create a painting is a thank you, to every soul who has passed through our lives and built an experience here we will never forget.

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