Feels like home…

Picture the scene… my Mum and Dad sitting up in bed, drinking tea at the break of dawn…
Mum: look at that fabulous sky, David go and take a photo.
Dad: really? It’s 6am, minus 2 degrees and I’m in my pants….
Mum: for the ART David.
Dad: sigh……………..
We are all at home under this canopy of sky. A sense of belonging is hard to quantify, a place, a person, a smell can call evoke such powerful sensations of the places we have called home. Singapore is far from where I began my life, geographically and in its essence. This painting is imbued with that unshakable sense of belonging, no matter how far from home you end up. ‘Feels like home’

You’re a trooper Dad, thanks.

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